The Macpek Distribution Center from A to Z

Experience the construction of our new distribution center in St-Augustin! – Experience the construction of our new distribution center in St-Augustin, Quebec!

Racking installation (29-03-2018)

It’s filling up! The installation is moving at an incredible speed!

Your Distribution Center is almost completed!

Signage installation (22-02-2018)

Last Friday the Macpek sign was installed. There’s no doubt about it , this is your Distribution Center!

Also, pictures of the interior just before the installation of shelves and racking.


We go inside … welcome home!

Just before the holidays, like a nice Christmas present, here are the pictures taken inside for the concrete slab pouring.

Note that despite the large equipment on site, the vastness of the site.

Also, pictures of the paved parking … yes! it’s already done !

Next step : Macpek’s signage installation !

Parking preparation / Curbs, paving sidewalks and landscaping (11-21-2017)

More than impressive!

Did you see the size ?!

The building is almost completely closed!

Next step: we go inside!

Concrete footing, backfilling foundation walls (28-10-2017)

Still going on !

The construction of your distribution center is going very well!

The stages “steel structure, insulated boards and roof” are about to be completed!

Insulated boards, roof (23-09-2017)

Concrete formwork (31-08-2017)

Concrete footing / backfilling foundation walls (08-22-2017)

Starting to take shape!

Groundbreaking ceremony (08-22-2017)

Ceremony for the first symbolic groundbreaking marks the beginning of the construction work for your distribution center. The future site is situated in the industrial district of St-Augustin-de-Desmaures in Spring of 2018.

We would like to thank the Mayor of St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Mr. Juneau and all our partners for their presence.

Claude-André Pouliot, Vice-president at Macpek, Sylvain Juneau, Mayor of St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Jean-François Pouliot, President at Macpek.

Jacques Laflamme, Ronam, Yvon Asselin, Ronam, Pierre Chrétien, Ronam, Jean-François Pouliot, Sylvain Juneau, Claude-André Pouliot, Macpek, Moïse Gagné LGT, Marc-André Bouchard-Fortin, STGM, Karine Bourque, Ronam, Philippe Duquette, Tetratech, Karine Bourque, Ronam, Alain Roy, Alaroy

YOUR Distribution Center … on its way!

Excavation (08-11-2017)

Here we are ! The construction of your new distribution center in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures is underway.

Vacant lot (08-02-2017)